Xaverian Life Form: The Call to Live in Common

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This is the second presentation in a series of four presentations in preparation for the Xaverian Brothers’ 27th General Chapter in July 2013. The purpose of the presentations are to engage the members of the congregation in a continuing dialogue regarding the living out of the charism of the congregation. This presentation will be centered on XAVERIAN LIFE FORM and our call to live in common.

This presentation is subdivided in three parts:


The first is an invitation for us to SEE how we are living out or challenged by the issues;

Reflection Questions:
1) How has the understanding of “community” been imparted to me as a Xaverian brother?

2) Through the years, has there been a change or transformation in how I understood “community”?

3) Presently, how do I practice the call to the life in common?



The second is an invitation to EVALUATE these issues in the light of the words of our founder as well as other sources of wisdom in our traditions;

Reflection Questions:
1) On looking back at the words of the Founder, what is your impression about Ryken with regard to his vision of community?

2) Given the differences between our culture and needs and those of Ryken in his times, do you think that living out his vision of community is still possible? Why or why not?



And the third is an invitation to DISCERN and PROPOSE practices that would enable us together to live the deeper challenger of our congregational charism.

Reflection Questions:
1) Was there any particular point in this discussion of Community that strongly moved me – whether positively or negatively? Why am I affected by it?

2) Which of the challenges mentioned at the last part of this discussion concern me most as a challenge to our sense of Community? Why?



Click here for a printable transcript of Presentation 2.

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  1. charles m warthen says:

    Excellent and thorough presentation of traditional Xaverian community. Perhaps a bit light on a forward looking, visionary view of 21st century Xaverian living. As more Brothers live ‘alone’ (and in my opinion are part of a larger local community of the region in which they exercise their ministry), it is hoped that the Chapter will address this development of Xaverian living. Apart from our retirement ‘communities’, many of Xaverian communities may be little more than comfortable boarding houses of congenial individuals.

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