Xaverian Ecclesiality: Our Relationship to Ecclesiastical Leadership

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This is the third presentation in a series of four presentations in preparation for the Xaverian Brothers’ 27th General Chapter in July 2013. The purpose of the presentations are to engage the members of the congregation in a continuing dialogue regarding the living out of the charism of the congregation. This presentation will be centered on XAVERIAN ECCLESIALITY and our relationship to ecclesiastical leadership.

This presentation is subdivided in three parts:


The first is an invitation for us to SEE how we are living out or challenged by the issues;

Reflection Questions:
1) How have I personally experienced and lived this conflict between Religious Life and Clerical Leadership?

2) In my opinion, could we as Xaverians today live our life form and mission apart from or alongside the clerical leadership? Please explain.



The second is an invitation to EVALUATE these issues in the light of the words of our founder as well as other sources of wisdom in our traditions;

Reflection Questions:
1) On looking back at the words of the Founder, what is your impression about Ryken’s ways of relating with Clerical Leadership?

2) Do you think that the way he dealt with Clerical leadership is instructive for us Xaverians today? Why or why not?

3) Given the differences between the church today and that during Ryken’s times, what is your opinion about Ryken’s vision of a centralized leadership for his congregation?



And the third is an invitation to DISCERN and PROPOSE practices that would enable us together to live the deeper challenger of our congregational charism.

Reflection Questions:
1) Was there any particular point in this discussion that strongly moved me – whether positively or negatively? Why am I affected by it?

2) Which of the ideas conveyed at the last part of this discussion concern me most as a challenge to the way we are called to relate to the Church’s clerical hierarchy? Why?


Click here for a printable transcript of the presentation.

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