Xaverian Charism Project

As part of the ongoing study of the Xaverian Charism, a committee of Xaverian Brothers, led by Brother Regj Cruz, has drafted 4 “working papers” to provide background on Theodore Ryken’s charism and a starting point for us to understand the foundational elements of the Xaverian Charism.  The “working papers” have been collected into a single document which can be downloaded in various forms – as a PDF document, as an e-pub document that can be downloaded and read on an iPad or other e-reader, or as a “flip book” that can be opened using your web browswer or even downloaded onto your computer.

Here are the documents:

PDF file: Download Working Paper June 2012

e-Pub file (for iPad and nook): Download Working Papers

Kindle: Download Working Papers

e-reader (for use with web browser):

Dutch PDF file:  Download Working Paper June 2012 nl

French PDF file:  Documents de Travail sur la Spiritualité Xavérienne, le Mode de Vie, l’Ecclésialité, et la Mission  Download FR Working Paper June 2012

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