Xaverian Brothers Associates


As a disciple of Jesus Christ, 
you are called to follow in his footsteps
and minister God’s healing touch of love,
through word and deed,
to all you meet in your journey of life.
from the Fundamental Principles of the Xaverian Brothers

This call to minister God’s healing touch of love is not the exclusive privilege of any group. It is God’s gift to the church through the Brothers in the Congregation in each generation, and through men and women in other walks of life in whom this call is alive, among them our Associates. Brothers and Associates are called to minister together God’s healing touch of love.

 Xaverian  Brothers Associates then are those men and women, single or married, who…

  • wish to share the charism of the Xaverian Brothers and are called by the Spirit of God to recognize this charism of love and service in themselves.  
  • have a desire to commit themselves with the congregation to community, explore Xaverian spirituality, search for a deeper relationship with Christ, and live in a communion of prayer and loving service in their own settings.
  • explore ways to reach out to the poor and the marginalized, each in their own environments and way of life.


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