Tuesday of the Third Week of Lent Reflection

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Today’s Reflection was written by Brother Raphael Wanjala, one of the East African Regional Coordinators, who resides in Nairobi, Kenya.



Lord, make me know your ways
Lord, teach me your paths
Make me walk in your truth and teach me;
For you are God my savior.

[Ps. 25:4-5]


As we listen to, read, or sing this responsorial psalm today, and recite it in a spirit of faith and love, Jesus in the Gospel puts a challenge to each of us: “Not seven, but seventy times seven times.” The meaning of our humanity is filled with our own experiences of joy and sorrow, struggle and conflicts, suffering and victory. We encounter Christ, who in his own brokenness never failed to forgive his adversaries, his torturers, his murderers, his killers. He forgave them even at the point of his death. In the eyes of the world, Jesus endured a shameful death, but our Savior transformed that shameful death to a powerful symbol of victory and universal salvation.

Asking Christ to teach us his paths, let us remember that his paths are paths of sorrow and pain and we are invited to walk the same paths of true forgiveness and reconciliation, for from them will come victory. The Lord who has called us, the same God whom we follow, calls us again this Lenten season to forgive and reconcile with our brothers and sisters each day of our life. Since we have chosen to walk in his paths of sorrow, we have therefore freely and willingly chosen to be wounded just as he was wounded for the salvation of humanity. When we encounter daily challenges in our journey of faith, let those moments be constant reminders of the sorrows of Jesus. As we accept unconditionally to live with and even put up with our confrères in our communities, through trials and temptations and moments of joy, may his sorrows be a source of courage and faith as well as a constant reminder of our calling to the true transformation that is found in forgiveness and reconciliation.


Recommended Exercise

Sit back in your comfortable position and relax, and as you do this remember that you are always in the holy presence of the Lord. Imagine yourself walking in the path that the Lord invites us to walk through during this Lenten season. Spend some time reflecting on how God may be calling you (or us) to walk the journey of sorrow on his paths.



God, You are our ground and our origin. We ask that You give us the grace to accept the “givens” of our life and to face the reality of who we truly are, so that we may return with gratitude to an innocence and nakedness that allows us to see, through new eyes, the incommensurable brightness of your creation. We ask this in the name of Jesus, Your Son and our brother. Amen.


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