Tuesday of the First Week of Lent Reflection

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Today’s reflection was written by Xaverian Brothers Associate Peg Weidner, a teacher at Our Lady of Good Counsel HS, Olney, MD


Thus says the LORD:
Just as from the heavens
the rain and snow come down
And do not return there
till they have watered the earth,
making it fertile and fruitful,
Giving seed to the one who sows
and bread to the one who eats,
So shall my word be
that goes forth from my mouth;
It shall not return to me void,
but shall do my will,
achieving the end for which I sent it.

[Isaiah 55:10-11]


As we observe Lent and prepare for the joy of the Resurrection, we can open ourselves to the Word of God in a special and fulfilling way. Just as rain and snow make the earth “fertile and fruitful,” the Word does the same for us. Preparation for Easter during this Lenten season can soften and nourish us, making us more open to our Lord. The nourishment of our faith, particularly through the Word of God, ensures that we do not become self-absorbed and insulated – a “void.” The Word of God speaks to us of the power and presence of our creator. Just as Theodore Ryken found his place in the presence of God, we too must go about “Returning to our true place” with the Divine. This time of year can center and ground us – as individuals and as part of the Xaverian family. The five Xaverian values can become a sincere expression of the Word of God in our lives. We can live out the Will of God through the simplicity of our fasting, the compassion of our almsgiving, the humility of our prayers, the trust of our belief in the promise of the Resurrection, and the zeal of our example to others.


Recommended Exercise

Take 10-15 minutes for the following.

Recall you are in the presence of God.

Close your eyes and imagine the rain and snow falling gently on parched earth. Enjoy the beauty of the scene in your mind’s eye.  Silently observe the rain and snow as you breathe slowly and calmly.

Now imagine that the Word of God is falling on you just as the rain and snow falls on the earth.

Enjoy the beauty of the gift of the Word in your mind’s eye.  Silently reflect on the will of God in your life as you breathe slowly and calmly.

What do you think God wants of you during this Lenten season?

What words would best express your desire to do His will as you prepare for the wonder of the Resurrection?

Challenge yourself to stop occasionally during the rest of this day to consider how best to put your desire to do God’s will into action during the remaining weeks of Lent.



Good and gracious God, we are always returning, always in a movement toward our true home. We know that “our hearts are restless until they rest in you.”  As we begin the discipline of the season of Lent, give us the grace to begin our journey back to our true home. May we travel this journey wholeheartedly, not simply ‘rending our garments’ superficially, but truly placing ourselves in the hands of your Divine Mercy and experiencing your ineffable and unconditional love. May we who follow the Xaverian Way, commit ourselves to renewing our family and being your compassionate presence in our world today. We ask this in the name of Jesus, your Son and our brother. Amen.


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