Tuesday of the Fifth Week of Lent Reflection

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Today’s reflection was written by Sister Patricia Ells, C.N.D., XBSS Sponsorship Associate.

“When Joseph awoke,
he did as the angel of the Lord had commanded him
and took his wife into his home.”

[Matthew 1:24]

Joseph was a just man and had an enduring personal relationship with God. This is the first of three times that Joseph would obey an angel in a dream. He was a faithful follower of the Law of Moses and took his wife to the temple to be purified and his first-born son to be consecrated to the Lord. He trusted that God could do great things through the humblest of persons.

Theodore Ryken also continued to trust in his enduring personal relationship with God.  He knew who he was and believed that “God is not obliged to give an account to man for what he does.” He would be an instrument to establish the Xaverian Way in communion from the margins with the Roman Catholic Church.  Over and again we hear of Ryken’s humble zeal to maintain the congregation’s connection with the universal Church.

So too, Pope Francis is being true to his unique giftedness by continuing his connection with the People of God as Church. He will model for the Institutional Hierarchical Church an inclusive Church that manifests God’s care and compassionate love to those who are separated and estranged not only from their neighbors but also from their own uniqueness.  He appreciates the common, ordinary, unspectacular flow of everyday life of the common person.


Recommended Exercise

Allow 30 minutes

Reflect on how these three men from different times are the same.  Each received a series of calls in their lives.

What calls have you received in your life?  Sit with your God and recall 1 or 2 experiences of call.  Remember some of the details surrounding these experiences.  Be with the joy the peace that comes with a gift from God.

Are you being asked at this time and in these circumstances to embrace another call? Listen and let your God speak to your heart.

Be grateful for God’s presence and love in your life.



Awesome and powerful God, we ask for the courage to live the radical life of communion on the margins. Make us a home in the desert, so that we may manifest Your care and compassionate love to those who are marginalized among us. We ask this in the name of Jesus, Your Son and our brother. Amen.


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