Introduction to our Lenten Reflection Series


Original Illustrations by William Nelson


Dear Brothers, Associates, Collaborators, Students, and Friends,

As in recent years, we invite you this Lent to engage with our weekly Lenten reflection series entitled, The Central Wish. The reflections will be available by email (if you’re receiving this, you’ll also receive the weekly email) and on the Living the Charism website. This year’s reflections will ask us to undertake a journey of return from those dispositions of heart that lead us astray from a “wholehearted” walking with the Lord. For the human way is a way that is never a direct line to our most desired end. It is rather a process of trial and error. Lent is the season of the Church year where we are called to attend to the ways we have walked our path in the past year and to recognize where we have strayed from the Lord’s Way for us. We do this in the faith, the “con-fidence,” that God is gracious and merciful and longs for our return.

Participation in this journey will ask us to engage in the following practices:

  • Reading and reflection on excerpts from the Liturgical texts for each week, as well as excerpts from the Fundamental Principles and the Preamble to the Charism Description.
  • A meditative self-reflection in light of these readings and an intuitive sense of our deepest desires, which we begin to recognize and appropriate.
  • Spending some time each day, or each week, in writing, sketching, or otherwise noting (whatever works best for you) the fruit of the day’s or week’s reflection in order to enable the following goal by the end of Lent.
  • A discernment of some specific practices that can be incorporated over the course of the coming months to facilitate our “return” to the Lord’s unique ways for us and the diminishing of the effects of those habits or dispositions we have developed that lead us astray from the unique Divine Call. We may refer to these practices as “a personal rule of life” with the Xaverian tradition.
  • This personal rule of life can be a source for one’s daily examen, as well as for the shared direction-in-common in our various communities, familiar, Associates’ groups, or other gatherings.

The first reflection will be posted on Ash Wednesday, followed by a new reflection for each of the following Sundays of Lent.

In Christ,





Brother Edward Driscoll, CFX
General Superior

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