Second Sunday of Lent Reflection

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Today’s Reflection was written by Associate Mary Driscoll, Campus Minister at Malden Catholic High School in Massachusetts.

Your presence, O LORD, I seek.
Hide not your face from me.

[Psalm 27: 8-9]

As we make our way through our Lenten journey, today’s Psalm reminds us to open our eyes so we might see His face and feel His presence. As Christians we believe that God is our light and our salvation so we trust that he is always there and his face is ever before us. The Lord’s face is not hidden from us; we have only to turn towards him face-to-face to be in his presence. On the other hand, when one turns his face away we are detached from that presence. Even if we may turn our face and voices away from him, our Lord listens. For our God never hides his face from his people. He is always there, always listening to our voices, and at the appropriate time he will work through us. It is a process for us to learn to seek and trust so we might be open to what he is calling us to become. God calls us in faith to be transformed so we might share the message of the Gospel with others. The founder went through this process and experienced this transformation himself before he could realize what God wanted of him. Ryken informed us that he led “a worldly life” and it was not until he “turned toward God” that he received the vision to be strong enough to put himself “in His service.” Like Brother Ryken we too must “plunge with confidence in the goodness of God” and ready our hearts as we seek God’s face, so through our actions and presence we may help others experience God and stand together in wonder of His presence.


Recommended Exercise 

Sit quietly, the richer the silence the better. God dwells in the silence. For a few minutes just listen to his quiet presence.

Allow yourself to turn towards him and be warmed by God’s presence within you. Gently let go of any thoughts or feelings that might get in the way. After a few moments a word, a single word will come to you.

Perhaps….Jesus, Lord, compassion, love, service…Or any word that might seize the presence of God that is within you.

Put your faith and trust into your word. Softly whisper the word, repeat it, and let it bring you more deeply within.

Slowly repeat the word and let it guide you into God’s presence at your center. You have turned towards God, you are in God and our Lord is in you. Surrender to his presence.

Allow Jesus to draw you in to a seamless prayer of love and light. Just let it happen. If you become aware of any other thoughts or images simply return to your word.

As you come out of prayer move slowly to a quiet awareness and then pray the words of the Our Father. Say the prayer slowly, listen to the words and make them your own.



Majestic and merciful God, we constantly put ourselves before You. As we continue this Lenten journey with whole and contrite hearts, give us the Grace to turn toward You, to see that we are your servants in this world. And, may we who follow the Xaverian Way, commit ourselves to renewing our family and being Your compassionate presence in the world today. We ask this in the name of Jesus, Your Son and our brother. Amen.


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