Prayer Service Booklet, Volume 1

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Dear Brothers, Xaverian Associates and Collaborators in Xaverian education,

We are happy to present you with this compilation of the first seven of the Prayer Services that have been created to help us deepen in our understanding of and appreciation for Xaverian Spirituality (Prayer Services Booklet Vol 1 PDF). Hard copies of this Booklet will be passed out at the upcoming Area Meetings, as well.

The Working Paper on Xaverian Spirituality, published as part of our ongoing Charism Study, reminds us that the Spirituality of the Congregation “lies at the very center of our unique identity.” We could say that Xaverian Spirituality is part and parcel with the Xaverian Way. It is the way we take up our quest for God and move beyond a life centered on the ego toward a more transcendent life in the Spirit.

We are learning from our research that Xaverian Spirituality is grounded in the spirituality of the ordinary. While some of the insights gained from our research are new, experientially, many of us have known the truth of this, perhaps without realizing its origin. These Prayer Services should help us reflect on our experience as well as gaining additional insights into the origins.

The Prayer Services consist of three parts: a short reflection on Xaverian Spirituality, followed by readings from our own Xaverian foundational documents as well as from the Middle Dutch mystical tradition that profoundly influenced Theodore Ryken’s spirituality, this is followed by some questions for personal reflection which could also be used for group discussion.

May our use of these Prayer Services help us to grow in communion, as Brothers, Associates and Collaborators who are committed to Theodore Ryken’s vision of a true religious family that mutually helps, encourages, and edifies one another, and who work together to advance the Kingdom of God.

Brother Lawrence Harvey, C.F.X.

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