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Meet the Postulants: Phillipe Kapungwe

Meet the Postulants: Phillipe Kapungwe

Phillipe, a third-year postulant from Lubumbashi, Congo, tells of his discovery of congregational life as well as his appreciation for Brother Victor Kazadi.

by × February 7, 2013 ×


Meet the Postulants: Maurice Butanda

Maurice is a third-year Xaverian Brothers postulant from Lubumbashi, Congo. He we for some time (and hopes to be again) a math and science teacher. He left that profession, at least temporarily, to become a Brother.

by × January 31, 2013 ×


Winter-Spring Programs at Xavier Center, Danvers MA

We learned in late December that Xavier Center, a residence since 1975 for community formation and for additional programs in formative spirituality, retreats, and spiritual direction, will be closing at the end of June of the current year. This is a decision made by the Congregation based on the diminishing […]

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