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Welcome to this series of four presentations in preparation for our 27th General Chapter in July 2013. The purpose of these presentations is to engage the members of our congregation in a continuing dialogue regarding the living out of the charism of our congregation. The presentations will be centered on issues emanating from the coordinates of the congregational charism:

(1) regarding the CONGREGATIONAL SPIRITUALITY, we would look at our congregational spiritual exercises;

(2)  regarding our LIFE FORM, we will look at our call to live in common;

(3)  with regards to ECCLESIALITY, our relationship to ecclesiastical leadership; and

(4)  concerning our MISSION, we will examine the challenges and new avenues for educating in a networked and globalized church.


Each presentation is subdivided in three parts

(1) the first is an invitation for us to SEE how we are living out or challenged by the issues;

(2) the second is an invitation to EVALUATE these issues in the light of the words of our founder as well as other sources of wisdom in our traditions; and

(3) the third is an invitation to DISCERN and PROPOSE practices that would enable us together to live the deeper challenger of our congregational charism.


We would like to invite you, as individuals and as communities, to share and reflect on the questions given after each of these parts and to send your responses to the Coordinating Committee for our coming General Chapter (forward responses to Stephanie Stricker:

The first presentation on Xaverian Spirituality invites us to consider our congregation’s spiritual exercises.




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