Good Friday

Original artwork by William Nelson

So they took Jesus, and, carrying the cross himself,
he went out to what is called the Place of the Skull,
in Hebrew, Golgatha.
There they crucified him…

John 18:16-18

The great paradox of this journey we have taken in discovery and elucidation of our central wish is that this deep desire that we yearn to become is also our cross to carry. In this way we can truly speak of passion as a conflux of our deepest spirit and desire enfleshed and encountering pathos, passage, suffering. That is, to be who we most are, we must carry our deep desire on The Way of the Cross, to Golgotha. Yes, we will fall. And likely we’ll have supporters along this way to help lift us up. But our cross is our freedom and it is only ours to bare; can we feel its weight and suffer the glories of mortality in the light of freedom and love?

How will we leave our tomb empty?

By the grace of God we must enact our central wish in flesh and blood. Our Good Friday plea is for you to take at least one of the practices that you came up with over the course of these reflections and choose to actualize it today, tomorrow, for a week, for a month, or for a year. It is only by risking this enfleshment through trial and error that we can be transformed. Choose today to enact a new practice, share that practice with someone else—a spiritual director, a friend, your Associates group, your confrere—and when necessary, refine it. If it fails to be a fuller expression of your deepest desire then discern a new practice or practices. Commit yourself to formation through the ordinary passion of everyday life, in all its glories and sorrows.

Theodore James Ryken wanted two things for his Congregation. First, that Xaverians commit to helping each other discover their gifts. And second, that out of this commitment, a shared mission, a shared movement, would be nurtured and sustained. This is the passion of the Congregation and its gift to world. And we all are invited to share in the ever unfolding process of realizing our central wish so that we may be God’s love, manifest in the world.

Jesus, your brother,
has walked this path before you.
In you,
as Risen Lord,
He wants to walk this path again,
and His Spirit, the Spirit of God,
now guides you.

Fundamental Principles


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