General Council Winter Meeting Report – Day 1

WP gen coun day 1b

The General Council Winter Meeting is underway in Bruges, Belgium. Brothers Edward Driscoll (General Superior), John Hamilton (Vicar), Paul Murray, Dan Skala, Patrick Fumbisha, Raphael Wanajala, and Placide Ngoie gathered for the first time yesterday (after a day of reflection) to discuss the implementation of the Directives from the 27th General Chapter. Click below to view a report from Day 1 by Brothers Paul (in English) and Placide (en Français), as well as some images from Bruges.



  1. Bill Griffin says:

    Thank you for the Council update and many blessings on all of your deliberations and fraternal fellowship.

  2. charles m warthen says:

    A refreshing and welcome report of the ongoing diffusion of the Chapter’s deliberations.
    I hope that future gatherings and reports which speak of ‘community[‘ will clarify these deliberations vis a vis our many Brothers who live alone. What is the day to day challenge to deepen one’s contemplative life and identification with the marginalized in such a circumstance.
    This 21st century means of communicating face to face is a real blessing. Its implementation is greatly appreciated . Hopefully it will encourage more personal engagement among the Brothers and Associates.

  3. Peter Weston says:

    I am going to NYC this weekend to meet and hear Thomas Hubl, a young spiritual teacher who is gaining attention for his ideas about the interior of the collective. More than simply acknowledging that a collective HAS an interior, the people attending this gathering have begun to investigate what it means and what it looks like when the individuals hold the interior of the collective as primary over their own individual interior.

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