General Council Winter Meeting Report – Day 3

Memorial of Saint Lucy ⎪ December 13, 2013

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“To what shall I compare this generation?”


On the penultimate day of its Winter Meeting, the General Council discussed Xaverian Mission. Brothers Dan Skala and John Hamilton elaborate in today’s video report from Bruges.

 There will be one more video update from Bruges, tommorrow.
If you’d like to read Brother John Hamilton’s remarks, you can click here for a PDF version.

john and dan



  1. Peter Weston says:


    Would you be willing to circulate the text of your talk? I’ve listened to it twice, hoping to better hold it in my mind the second time. But, I realized that what you are saying is more dense than I first thought. I think it is worthy of multiple meditative reads.

  2. Frederick Codair says:

    Thanks for the PDF file of John hamilton’s report. I woud appreciate a written version of each of the reports: both English and French. thanks.
    Fred Codair

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