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Unique Village of my Destiny

Unique Village of my Destiny

By Brother Placide Ngoie Munanga

I feel still capable of sharing a wider plan with the other inhabitants of this one village. More and more I understand that I must turn away from my concerns in order to concentrate on what is essential with the other members who are younger than I.

by × August 2, 2017 ×


A Short Reflection on Poverty

A Short Reflection on Poverty

By Brother Stephen Cyprian Simiyu Lusweti

On the second day of retreat Brother Stephen reflects on the centrality of spiritual poverty to the life of a brother.

by × August 1, 2017 ×


Brother Festus Kathuki Mulu, CFX is a second year student of English/ Literature at Tangaza University College, Nairobi.

The First Day of Retreat

By Festus Kathuki Mulu

Brother Festus summarizes the first day of retreat, which was programmed around the theme, “Knowing and Living our Identity.”

by × July 31, 2017 ×


Brother Paul Murray at the Integration Team meeting in Rome, June 2017.

Followers of Christ in the Xaverian Tradition

By Brother Paul Murray

Pope Francis wants our community life to be the primary form of evangelization. In order to do this, we must learn to love and accept the Brothers we have, not the Brothers we want.

by × July 26, 2017 ×


Brother John Collins in a session at the June 2017 Transformation Integration Team Meeting.

One Village

By Brother John Collins

How will the American, Belgian, Congolese and Kenyan regions come together to make the personal and communal sacrifice, as well as commit to ongoing prayerful discernment and innovation, that is required to live as one village?

by × July 19, 2017 ×