Associate Notes – May 2013

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associate notes may13

Dear Associates,

I hope that the Easter season has brought you many blessings personally and as regional communities. Certainly, the program as a whole is alive and growing in energy as we move toward the summer months, our Commitment Weekend, and the Brother’s General Chapter that will be held in Rome. As you will read below, in New York, Associates have made some breakthroughs; the New Englanders have found a way to pray together every week despite being apart; and in Louisville the Associates and Brothers of Ryken House are deepening their bonds over supper.

July’s Commitment Weekend will be well attended with over twenty associates and brothers. I have personally been humbled by the work of the Associates Committee who have supported me and given me advice on planning that weekend’s program. The members of that committee are Mike Buckley, Gail Dennig, Bill Gorman, Barbara Ives, Mike McGeehan, and Bros. Paul Murray, Cornie Hubbuch, and Cosmas Rubencamp (chair). In addition to helping plan the Commitment Weekend, this committee affirmed the new draft of “A Description of the Charism as Lived by Associates,” a document that, by all accounts, has fueled fruitful reflection and discussion. I look forward to working closely with this committee going forward.

The Brother’s General Chapter will be held at the end of July and as part of the preparation Living the Charism has and will continue to post documents and videos that will facilitate reflection and prayer. Several of these may be of interest to Associates; in particular, Brother Reginald Cruz’s video series and the document of suggested practices, “Pre-Chapter Preparation: Xaverian Associates.” The first presentation of Brother Regj’s video series, “Congregational Spirituality: Spiritual Exercises,” has been posted in three parts. Each part is 7-12 minutes long and concludes with reflection questions that are applicable to Associates, in addition to Brothers. The remainder of the series will be released in the month of June. The document on suggested practices regarding Xaverian Associates is a collection of responses, written by Brothers, after a reflection on the Description of the Charism. The post will provide Associates with the various perspectives held by the Congregation about the Associates program. If the document elicits any response, please feel free to post to the comment box on the site or email me directly (

To conclude, I would like to thank each of you for your continued commitment to the Associates program. My hope for you this Summer is that you are well nourished by your spiritual communities and that, as associate groups, we find in each other the love, affirmation, and support needed to help shine the light of Christ in our time.

All the best,

Chris Irr
Coordinator of Membership

regional updates


On April 21st, Associates shared Sunday dinner and community with the Brothers at Ryken House.  All enjoyed the time together. The Associates are scheduled to meet on June 2nd.

New York

The Brooklyn (NY) Associates met Saturday, April 27th at St. Agnes Parish Center in Carroll Gardens (Brooklyn). Our extended day of prayer/reflection was led by Roseann Guido. Time was devoted to discuss our role/commitment to service as Associates and very valuable conclusions were reached. We discussed how often we get caught up in what we are not doing in the area of service and decided to focus on what we ARE doing and look at our concept of service in a much more inclusive manner. It truly was a breakthrough in our interaction that we hope will keep us from getting bogged down in our future faith sharing gatherings!
Bill Gorman

New England

The New England Xaverian Associates met on Saturday, May 4th  for the last meeting of this year.  Mike Novick hosted us at St. John’s High School in Shrewsbury. Thank you to him and to Mr. Michael Welch for their hospitality.  We began our time together with lunch, which provided us some time to chat and reconnect.  Mike Novick prepared an opening prayer service based on the theme of compassion.  At a previous meeting, Mike had spoken of the fragmentation that besets our culture and society.  At this meeting, Mike reflected on compassion as a disposition that can help to heal the violence and division that is so prevalent in our world.  We then took some time to reflect on our most recent experiences of being Xaverian Associates.  We used the newly approved “Description of the Xaverian Charism as lived by the Xaverian Associates,” as well as some guiding questions. The questions focused our attention to our personal experiences; our experiences as members of the New England Associate Group; and our membership in the entire Associate Program.  We then gathered to share our reflections.  As part of our sharing, we highlighted ways, which might help us to develop our sense of community and express our commitment more fully in the coming year.  The suggestions will be brought to the first meeting of the coming year when we will make plans for the entire year.  Even with our plans for the future, our discussion led us to agree upon one “practice” that will help to remind us of our commitment and to help us to keep one another in our thoughts and prayers.  We decided that every Thursday at 4:00 pm we would try to stop whatever we were doing and spend a few minutes in prayer, remembering one another in prayer.  We invite all the New England Associates to join us in this communal activity.  We ended with the intention of meeting in late September to begin next year’s Associate meetings.  A reminder will be sent our in mid-summer to begin the planning for our first meeting.
Joe Pawlika

announcements green may13

Thank you for RSVP’ing for the Commitment Weekend (July 5th – 7th). There will be over twenty attendees and several Associates will be facilitating orientation, workshops and prayer services. The complete schedule will be sent out shortly.

A meeting of the Regional Coordinators will take place this Friday (May 31st) at the Generalate in Baltimore. Brothers from every region will be in attendance and the group will discuss, among other things, the future of the Associates program, leadership structure, and upcoming gatherings.

There will be a Jubilee Celebration taking place at Xaverian Brothers High School in Westwood, MA on Saturday, June 8th at 4 PM. For those who cannot attend, but would like to participate in the mass, we will have a LIVE webcast of the event on Living the Charism. Go there on June 8th to watch. We will also send out an email with the URL.


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