Associate Notes – June 2013

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Dear Associates,

Summer has arrived and looking bright for the XB Associates. Coming up in just over a week is the 2013 Commitment Weekend. Click here for the final schedule of events to this email.

On the May 31st the Regional Coordinators met to discuss various issues surrounding the program, including an Associates Retreat next summer (more details in “Announcements”), service opportunities, communion building between regions, and the question of associate members as Coordinators (rather than exclusively Brothers). While many of these items will continue to be developed, the group has insisted that the following be conveyed to the delegates at the General Chapter:

  1. “I hope the General Chapter will affirm the Associates Program and evaluate it after six years.”
  2. Chapter Delegates need to be aware of the work of the Brother Coordinators and also the regular and frequent meetings of the Associates Groups.
  3. There is a need to underscore the passion which our Associates have for both the way of life and the ministerial work of the Brothers.
  4. Have we started our Xaverian Associates Program too late and if so is sustainability an issue with regard to financing and personnel?
  5. We ask the General Chapter to consider establishing a committee that would create a series of “Spiritual Plans” which delineate thematically the components of our Xaverian Way.

(Attendees of the meeting: Chris Irr, Bros Cosmas Rubencamp, Ed Driscoll, Cornie Hubbuch, Richard Mazza, Tom Murphy, Paul Murray, Jerry O’Leary, and Bonaventure Scully)

If there are any additional points you’d like your Coordinators or myself to convey to the Chapter delegates, please forward them to me:

Have a wonderful July. Happy Independence Day! Stay safe and please continue to follow what’s happening on Living the Charism and/or Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

All the best,

Chris Irr

Coordinator of Membership

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Our Baltimore area Associates met at the Generalate on May 19.  In attendance were Alice Hession, Chuck  Belzner, Kevin Shearer, Hugh and Kathy Boyle, and Brothers Paul Murray, Tom Murphy, and Bonaventure Scully. To open the meeting,  Alice Hession prepared a prayer service focusing on the readings of the day which happened to be Pentecost Sunday and on Theodore Ryken’s idea to establish a community which he characterized as “an authentic religious society.”

Alice’s prayer service proved to be apt preparation for the activity that followed which was a discussion of a draft “A Description of the Charism as Lived by Xaverian Associates” prepared by the New England Associates. The draft nicely stated Charism for Associates in general terms, however, the Associates in attendance found that it might be time to consider a more defined ministry or activity for Associates.

In a previous meeting of the group this idea was discussed. There appeared to be a general consensus that an appropriate focus would be one that was consistent with the Associates’ commitment to outreach to the poor and marginalized as well as with the Brothers’ lifelong involvement with education. In this regard, it was observed that most associates are currently working at or are active with Xaverian Brothers’ schools, and such activities as tutoring or mentoring at the schools was consistent with the focus. Some more formal program of helping students from marginalized and minority groups or those with special needs at Xaverian sponsored schools might be a primary element of this ministry. Associates also spoke about the ongoing work in Haiti as consistent. Those in attendance felt strongly that the time had come to more objectively state our mission or otherwise to identify primary activities. This would make obvious the usefulness and necessity of our association with one another and more surely lead to the continued existence of our association beyond our own lives.  Those in attendance thought it was time for all Associate groups to consider and weigh in on this issue.

Kathy & Hugh Boyle

New York

The Brooklyn Associates met on Thurs 6/6 for last time before summer break. After prayer, our discussion revolved around outreach with suggestions that we think about ways to reach out to others who have had contact with the Brothers, perhaps in Brooklyn parishes where the Brothers served and among Nazareth & St. Michael’s graduates.

We decided to look into places over the summer where we might spend a day together offering service and perhaps one of our full day gatherings after the fall could be facilitated by a Xaverian Brothers staff member.

A ‘surprise’ cake and coffee celebrated Bill Gorman’s upcoming 60th birthday!

New England

The New England Xaverian Associates continue to “meet” in prayer each Thursday at 4 PM. Each member stops wherever they are and prays for fellow members.

Google+ Group

The group will meet on July 13th to share in prayer, reflection, and sharing.

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Nearly 30 Associates and Brothers will attend the Commitment Weekend, in full or in part. Click here for the final schedule of events to this email.

The Commitment Ceremony will take place on Sunday, July 7th at 11:15 AM. We will webcast the ceremony live on Living the Charism and YouTube. Details of the broadcast will be emailed prior to the event and will also be available on Living the Charism by Sunday, July 7th.

Next year’s Associate Retreat will be held June 20th – 22nd at Bon Secours Retreat Center in Marriottsville, Maryland. We are still seeking a speaker/retreat leader for that weekend. All Associates and Brothers will be invited to the Retreat.

The next Commitment Ceremony will be held in December 2014; exact date to be determined.


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