A New General Council

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Five of the six newly-elected General Councilors were present in Rome: (left to right) Brothers Daniel Skala, John Hamilton (Vicar), Placide Ngoie, Edward Driscoll (General Superior), Raphael Wanjala, and Paul Murray. Brother Patrick Fumbisha was not present; his photo is below.

Click here to see the new Superior and Council address the Chapter Delegates.

Dear Brothers, Associates and friends,

This afternoon, as the 27th General Chapter continued the leadership discernment phase of the Chapter, the body moved to the election of the Vicar and 5 additional General Councillors. Brother Edward asked the Chapter to select four of those Councillors with a particular focus for their concern as Councillor. Elected were the following:

Vicar Brother John Hamilton

WP john h

2nd Councillor (USA) Brother Paul Murray

WP paul m

3rd Councillor (Ministry) Brother Daniel Skala

WP Dan

4th Councillor (DR Congo) Brother Patrick Fumbisha

WP patrick

5th Councillor (Kenya) Brother Raphael Wanjala

WP raphael

6th Councillor Brother Placide Ngoie

WP placide

The Chapter extended its congratulations, prayers and best wishes to the new members of the General Council. For more photos of Brother Ed and the newly elected General Council, please check out www.livingthecharism.com or the Facebook page. Please continue to pray as the Chapter continues its work in the next two days.

The only Brother elected to the Council, not present in Rome, was Patrick

Brother Lawrence Harvey, CFX



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  1. Ongeso Daniel Ohola says:

    I take this opportunity to thank all the delegate brothers present at the chapter for having listened to the will of the Holy Spirit from within to enable us have a new General leadership for our Congregation. The tough job awaits us, but with the hope and that leap of faith the delegates have shown us that we can achieve that which we have set our eyes and ear of faith upon.
    As I take a look at the new leadership, I see a sense of faith, and hope firmly rooted in out tradition as sons of Ryken . I see a mixture of youthfulness and experience, and that of commonness and diversity. These qualities are sometimes hard to find all once in any leadership position. It is this kind if uniqueness that for me reinforce that deeper desire to be a Xaverian Brother, in that in youthfulness am assured of that needed hope to move on with a much more faith, and with experience am assured of deep rooted Xaverian traditions. I fill at home not only because the leadership symbolizes the last chapter’s directive on internationality, but more so I feel at home because there is the sense of commonness and diversity being given a new meaning in the whole congregation.
    As the new leadership takes office and the responsibilities that comes with the office, I pray that they continue being the sign of that hope we need as a congregation and more so, which I ( a young Xaverian) need to be grounded as a real Xaverian Brother.
    Once again, I congratulate the new leadership that we have.
    Br. Ongeso Daniel Ohola.

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