Epiphany Prayer Service

The Prayer Service was held at the Xaverian Center Chapel in Karen-Nairobi, Kenya on Saturday, January 5, 2013.


Epiphany Prayer Service

The service was captured in audio and images. Click the video below to follow along with the African Brothers:


May God come more fully into our lives

–and may our lives be transformed by this mystery of the Incarnation.


We Seek the Light in whose presence we gather here;

–we welcome the Child who lives within and between us.


This is the good news in Jesus Christ—we can stand before God, not through our own goodness, but through God’s great kindness to us.

–Rejoice and be glad, for God comes to us as one of us!


Creator of the stars of night, who shaped the sky’s eternal lights,

O Christ, redeemer of us all, bend near and hear us when we call.


O love that wore our human form, O tiny child of lowly birth,

Let now your love be born in us, ‘til peace and justice fill the earth.


O God who brought all life to birth, O Christ who wore love’s human face,  O Spirit making life anew, grant us your wisdom, love and grace.


Reading One

Isaiah 9 

For to us a child is born, to us an heir is given; upon whose shoulder dominion rests. They will name him…

Wonderful Counselor

–Come to us and reveal meaning and truth that we might see ourselves, our world and our work in a new way and from a new point of view.

Mighty God

–Come show us the holiness of vulnerability so that we might stand in solidarity with those who suffer and are in need.

Everlasting Father

–Come teach us simple joy and passionate zeal that we might be your presence in the world and especially in our communities.

Prince of Peace

–Come open our eyes and hearts to see your image in people everywhere.


Of the greatness of this government and of peace there will be no end, upon the throne and dominion of David, to establish it, and to uphold it with justice and with righteousness from this time forth and for evermore.  The zeal of our God of hosts will do this!


Reading Two

Description of the Xaverian Charism

We Xaverian Brothers, associates, and collaborators are a true religious family, striving to fulfill the spiritual aspirations that Theodore James Ryken had for his Congregation. Following the path of our Founder, we are called to live ordinary lives that give witness to God’s unconditional love.  We believe that the Xaverian calling is a way of being put in our place in the world, a place of humility and simplicity, from which we receive the grace to turn toward God, fall in love with God, and put ourselves in God’s service as followers of Jesus Christ. Within each distinctive life choice, we are further invited to attentiveness, simplicity, flexibility and openness to the common, unspectacular flow of everyday life.   We unite ourselves to God through an integrated life of both contemplation and service.  Through the Xaverian Way we are awakened by the Spirit of God to our own graced potential and freely offer that giftedness in service to the gospel.  Through our ministry, in particular among the poor and the marginalized, we work to help others discover their own uniqueness so they, too, may “share the love of God with the world through their own giftedness.” In a spirit of hospitality, we try our utmost to be approachable and available, as true brothers and sisters who welcome others and accompany them in the joys and sorrows of their lives.



As once, at a specific time and place, God broke into the world taking human form as Jesus of Nazareth, so, too, God intervenes in our lives.  Jesus, proclaiming the unconditional love of God, offered his followers a new vision of God and of God’s creation.  Theodore James Ryken experienced God’s unconditional love for him and made a determination to set as his life direction the non-dichotomied life of Martha and Mary.  So that like Mary he could fix his eyes on Jesus, and like Martha he could place himself in humble service of his lord.

How do I experience God intervening in my life today?  How do I experience God intervening in the life of the Congregation today?

How does the Description of the Xaverian Charism manifest a new understanding, or new insights into the Xaverian way for me?



A chance to share some thoughts from the reflection.



May the God of our ancestors, of prophets and disciples, of Joseph and Mary, of TJ Ryken and our confreres, who have gone before us, fill us with the love and zeal that possessed them.  Amen. 

May our God who is the Wisdom of the Ages and the Child of Bethlehem lead us to dwell in unexpected places.  Amen 

May our Emmanuel who joins earth to heaven unite us in purpose and devotion as we care for the holy in our midst.  Amen


Click here to download PDF of the Epiphany Prayer Service


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